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Our Motto


'Let knowledge liberate us'

About Us

New Learning Ladders International School was established during 2018-2019 with a view of inspiring each and every individual to become resourceful and compassionate probationer by encouraging their innovative thoughts, creativity, and self-expression.

The New Learning Ladders International School’s objective is to develop children to become independent thinkers, creative individuals, citizens who are socially and environmentally aware, ethical in their approach, and have a global mindset. The school aims to equip children with progressive life skills to propel them in their future endeavors.


NLLIS aims to provide a joyful learning environment for individualized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought,  promotes the building of character inculcated with ethical values and empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential.


We aim to be recognized as an Academic Centre of Excellence  where every child’s complete potential is discovered and they are given world-class education while fostering academic excellence, necessary life skills and competencies, thus enabling them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways.


•            RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT towards others, self and the environment

•            Displaying HONESTY through words and actions

•            Striving for EXCELLENCE

•            PATRIOTISM towards our motherland

•            Demonstrating RESILIENCE in every situation

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