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Parents Testimonial


Mrs Margrate Vilate
Parent of S Belita Nicolette
Grade 3

The past 3 years, my child has been a part of NLLIS, I rest assured that she is in safe hands.. in terms of education, personality development, motivating and cultivating good habits & culture etc, the school excels.. It's not all about books and the school focuses on all round development of my child.The seriousness that the teachers and staff take in everything related to the child is very good. No issue is neglected and even a simple concern from parents are prioritized and addressed in a mature manner. Happy to be part of the NLLIS family

Mrs Rashmi
Parent of Hiral Samai Gajendra Grade 2

We are very happy with the Distance Education Programme initiated during the AY 2020- 21 . I would thank the teachers of the school for making the child understand the doubts and explain till it is been understood and ask questions regarding the same . Even the co-scholastic classes are excellent. For eg. ,the abacus teacher is very well trained and helps the children to keep the scale on a correct posture and also checks if the child is attentive .So I am happy that my child is in right hands

Mr. Ashir Ashraf
Parent of Tamanna Ashir
Grade 2

NLLIS has taken care of our children well, very supportive and understand all our difficulties in these desperate times. When you have dedicated teachers taking care of our children, its a tension reliever. May the entire staff of NLLIS be blessed and remain safe. We are very happy with the School , management , staff and most of all the teachers

Mrs Shilpa shree
Parent of Giselle Olivia
Grade 3

Good school.Children will like it when the School starts

Mrs Asha Akula
Parent of Ashlyn Sara Akula and Jonathan Akula
Grade 2 ,Grade 4

I love the programme as every mother can help nurture their children with learning without rush according to the child's pace…

Mrs Jaya Chauhan
Parent of Sahara Chauhan
Grade 6

I think it was my right decision that I have chosen NILLS for my daughter

Mrs Srivalli
Parent of Rohan Krishna
Grade 6

School is excellent. I would recommend the school. Excellent Curriculum.My kid enjoys his classes

Mrs Shalini Vijay Kumar
Parent of Nayana V
Grade 1

NLLIS is one of the Enthusiastic school. We are really happy and satisfied with the school curriculum. The Art Integrated Project was so interesting. Kids thoroughly enjoyed it

Mrs Megha Pandit
Parents of Sahithi and Sreenika Grade 5 and
Grade Sr.Kg

NLLIS encourages kids on public speaking and my kids enjoy doing all the extra curricular activities given by teachers. And teachers are also very supportive and encouraging. Everything is good. Keep up the good work

Mrs Jaya Basumatari
Parent of Felix Basumatari
Grade 3

The virtual classes are helpful in developing my child's skill and confidence, as the teachers interact with students regularly in classes. The Art Integrated Project given to my child was very innovative and helpful for my child's gain of new experience, I would like the school carry on such methods of teaching Please keep imparting the good education

Mr Girish
Parent of Akshan Girish
Grade 2

NLLIS, the institution revolves around children. The best of everything is offered to the kids, and as parents, we are very happy that most of our worries are taken care of, by all staff members of the school. A big THANK YOU to all of you for helping us mould our child's future. Absolutely satisfied. The Distance Education Programme was not expected but in a short span the school administration has been successful in implementing the programme. Thanks to all the teachers and support staff for making it an interactive one. All are doing an amazing job, please continue with the creativity and we shall support.

Mrs Lakshmi.
Parent of M.Hanshal Vijay
Grade 3

Quality education in affordable fees. This project work helped not only for children but also for the parents.We got so many ideas and thoughts that we had missed in our school days.Hanshal had known about the festivals and reason for celebrating festivals.He enjoyed in decorating his project work. School virtual assembly is helping him in discipline,punctuality and in many ways.No suggestions regarding academics and other cultural activities mam.You are doing the best.Thanks to the whole team of NLLIS.

Mrs Rani & Mr Ashir
Parent of Tamanna
Grade 2

Thanks for supporting our children in their studies and helping them to gain more knowledge in this present distressing times. Teachers are the major contributors in moulding kids to be better citizens in future. Thanks for all the extended help shown from Tamanna's Kannada teacher in making it easier for her to learn. Thanks to Tamanna's class Teacher for listening to all our concerns patiently,. and our very big thanks to Ashwini Madam, for always being there to take up any issues, no matter day or night, she promptly replies. .. Thanks a lot Ashwini Mam... To the Principal, I would say that you have a wonderful team to support our kids, Your Teachers have tackled the covid situation wisely to keep our kids learning or knowledge gaining process to continue. A big thanks to the Management for supporting us in these tough times. I wish all our little kids have a better and safe future. Thanks a lot once again.

Mr T Netaji Raj
Parent of Kanishka. N
Grade 1

We are glad to inform, students really enjoy the online classes. The online teaching and videos sent across is helpful for students to pick up and learn independently. Efforts taken by each one of staff is tremendous, kudos to all Starting from Surya Namaskar, sending links for assembly, documentary home works, videos and assessments, and initiatives taken everything are designed very well To each of you for your time taken to bring Best in Children, your efforts, dedication is amazing . The Parent’s co-ordinator, is superb, very clear and precise in clearing doubts Yes, we would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during this pandemic. The school is off but our Learning and Teaching isn't, all thanks to teachers, PT master, admin. Interaction sessions are easy, and kids enjoy talking. Highly appreciable and a huge applause to all who manage the personal and professional life in such a crisis situation and helping Children grow better and best Yes. The 14 days Fitness Challenge was Best to wake up children early and make them perform it. Energetic videos, motivating initiative to keep them fit

Mrs Sabita Isaac
Parent of Hyrum Nikhil Isaac & Heber Isaac
Grade 8 and Grade 4

These kind of activities are essential to build up a child's character and skills. I'm satisfied.Are you happy and satisfied with the ongoing methodology of Distance Education Programme?Feel free to share your views. It did help my son to research and learn new things. It is indeed helping my son to be more outspoken and independent.

Mrs Archana mishra
Parent of Samriddhi choudhary Grade 1

Teaching faculty is well trained and their teaching methodology is awesome.

Mr Surendra Bhandhari
Parent of Dileep. S, Pardeep S, Sandeep S
Grade 2 , Grade 4 , Grade 6

The teachers have made my child very independent. The teachers are doing a fabulous job. I'm glad to see my child growing his knowledge. The school and staff is doing a fabulous job during this critical situation

Mr Santosh Kumar Pradhan
Parent of Dipanshu Pradhan
Grade 3

All class teachers are doing hard work to keep the learning process on with in the time frame, so thanks to school management .

Mrs Rekha
Parent of Keerthana. M
Grade 1

Very co-operative faculties. Encouraging child was great. Appreciating all the staff for your hard work in reaching out to meet students’ requirements..Yes, quite difficult in managing child to do things everyday but happy to see my child improving a lot.... .. We are happy to be a part of this school.Kalpana mam thank you so much.

Mrs Jayasree Gorantla
Parent of Ashritha G
Grade 4

Really appreciate all your efforts. As this teaching methodology is new to teachers , students and Parents. Every one are trying their best. Kudos to NLLIS management.

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