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Why choose us?

Parent's Orientation
Parent's Orientation
Teachers 2022-2023
Parent's Orienttion
Parents's Orientation

NLLIS is passionate about the education of all of our students, making us an over-subscribed choice for families. We are dedicated to the development of your child, academically, socially and spiritually.


At our campus, we aim to target the highest standards in all elements of school life and beyond and achieve this through a focus on a number of key areas:

Experienced Leadership

We have a passionate, energetic and dedicated team of senior staff with a clear vision, who are driven by a commitment to develop students academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

Developing Physically

NLLIS has  activities that provide a wide range of opportunities to help young people establish habits that will set them up for a healthy lifestyle during and beyond their time with us.

Expanding Horizons

The academy is committed to the all-round development of your child’s talents and interests. The extracurricular programme is varied and exciting, challenging and stretching, allowing children the chance to gain new experiences or deepen existing skills outside of the classroom.

Inspirational Teachers

Our teachers share our passion for all-round educational excellence. They are driven by the desire to see young people develop in all aspects of their lives, seeking to serve, encourage, direct, discipline, empower and inspire every child with utmost care.

Supportive Parents & Friends

We actively encourage your involvement and seek to support your guiding role in your child’s life. As a school, we have a desire to work with parents to ensure your child receives the best possible education and achieves their personal best.

Developing Character

Building character is a foremost goal in NLLIS as research shows that teaching kids things like perseverance and self-control can improve their health, academic achievement, and happiness in life. Inculcating the rich cultures of our motherland in every child and making them passionate towards every positive outlook is what NLLIS works on religiously.

Developing Academically

Each student at NLLIS is challenged to achieve their personal best in all areas of their lives. Academically, we support all students and set challenging targets. Regular monitoring and feedback helps each child to achieve their very best.

Motivated Students

We encourage children to work hard and, in return, they are recognised and rewarded throughout their time with us. Similarly, we are keen to have well behaved students who will work well together, supporting each other and enjoying school in a safe and positive environment.

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